2015 CT Specialty Food Product Award Winners Announced

The CT Specialty Food Association (CSFA) held its fourteenth Product Awards Competition on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville and I was honored to serve as a judge for the fourth straight year. This year one hundred seventy-nine items were entered into 33 categories where they were judged on appearance, aroma, texture, and taste.

Sustainable Food & Farm Expo 2014

Bring the whole family to the Sustainable Food & Farm Expo 2014 on Sunday, March 9, 2014, from 10 am – 4 pm, at Audubon Greenwich. Learn about our rich and diverse sustainable food community; engage with organic farmers and chefs, homesteading experts, artisan food producers and retailers at the marketplace; and attend sustainable food talks and tasting workshops.

Kombucha: Health or Hype?

If Whole Foods Market is your weekly pit stop, you have undoubtedly sped past the case of specialty drinks touting major health benefits and lifelong happiness. Kombucha is one of them.

The health benefits accredited to this sparkling tea range from an increased energy level, strengthened immune system, and metabolism boost to preventing cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative illnesses. So is this the new fountain of youth, or just the latest snake oil?

2013 CT Specialty Food Award Winners Announced

The CT Specialty Food Association (CSFA) held it’s twelfth Product Awards Competition on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville. One hundred eighty-four specialty food items from Connecticut-based manufacturers were entered into 35 categories, with hopes of receiving the prestigious honor of CSFA Product Award Winner 2013.

Natural Cold Remedies Do Work

I’ve been sick since Sunday. Really sick. I’ve had no voice for three days and am hoping it comes back before Christmas. One evening, desperate to stop the coughing so I could get some sleep (coughed right through Robitussin the night before), I remembered I had bought Cold Care tea for my kids.

Tearrific Ice Cream for Tea Lovers and Converts Alike

Mario Leite is a self-proclaimed tea lover and ice cream fanatic. He’s so passionate about the duo that he recently launched a company dedicated to crafting premium tea-infused ice creams featuring natural, organic and local ingredients. Tearrific Ice Cream is off to a terrific start with a line of 7 tea-infused ice creams available in select restaurants, and soon to be released in pints at a retailer near you.

Fairfield Green Food Guide enjoyed a tasting and one-on-one with Mario Leite to give you the scoop on his artisan, tea-based ice creams.

Terrain Garden Cafe to Become a Local Foodie Destination

Talk about culture shock. Chef Joe Wolfson of Terrain Garden Cafe, the eatery inside the the newly opened Terrain store in Westport, arrived in town two weeks ago from Alabama. No wonder there are grits on the menu. But they’re Alabama grits, sourced from a friend who grows them back home.

Chef Wolfson’s dedication to local sourcing will become evident over the next few weeks as he starts receiving produce and other farm-fresh foods from Red Bee Apiary in Weston, The Hickories in Ridgefield, Millstone Farm in Wilton, Holbrook Farm in Bethel and Warrup’s Farm in Redding. The cheeseboard already screams local with a selection of Connecticut and Vermont cheeses.

2012 Sustainble Food Trends

Where is the local-sustainable food movement heading? What trends can we expect to see in our locale and beyond in the coming year? We asked our blog contributors and a few of our friends to weigh in and the results … Read more

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