Cold Korean Spinach Salad: Shigumchi Namul

I’ve said for years that if I ever opened a restaurant, I’d put Korean spinach salad, aka shigumchi namul, on the menu. I tasted the cold, seasoned spinach salad for the first time almost 20 years ago when I first met my husband and have loved it ever since. His mother, a native of South Korea, had made it as part of an impressive spread of at least 10 small dishes called panchan. If you’ve even been to a Korean restaurant, panchan are the small dishes of cold vegetable salads, pickled vegetables, and other tasty morsels served before the main dishes are brought out. The spinach namul, richly flavored with nothing more than soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds, was refreshing and delicious.

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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