Bowman vs. Monsanto Co. Is Really About Owning Life

If anyone thinks the Bowman vs. Monsanto case heard by the US Supreme Court on Feb. 19 is a simple case of farmer vs. biotech giant, they’re wrong. At the heart of the question is not whether farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman benefited from buying grain elevator seed for his late season soybean crop, thereby avoiding buying seed from Monsanto while still enjoying its benefits (herbicide resistance). Bowman as much as admitted that he knew the seeds would be mostly GM and he’d be able to spray RoundUp to control weeds without any harm coming to his crop.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), The Stealth Food Ingredient

I am a registered dietitian and have spent countless hours teaching the workshop “How to Read a Food Label.” It is inconceivable that I never once included information on GMO ingredients in my lectures. There is a simple explanation for this-GMO ingredients are not listed on food labels. I did not become aware of the controversial issues surrounding GMOs until I purposefully became involved in the green food movement.

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