Westport Farmers’ Market Moves to Saturdays this Winter

Unless you work weekends, the news that the Westport Farmers’ Market has moved to Saturdays for the winter will be music to your ears. I expect we’ll see many more families and a greater demand for lunch, along with all the other artisan and farm-fresh foods sold at the market. Located at Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens in Westport, the market gives you the added pleasure of perusing the wares – including freshly crafted herbal wreaths – available at this venerable garden center. You’ll be warm inside the heated greenhouse while shopping so there are no excuses no to stop in to check it out.

Planning Your Spring Garden with Heirloom Seeds from Comstock, Ferre & Co.

If you’re planning to plant a garden this spring, now’s the time to visit your favorite seed seller to make your selections before stocks are depleted. Backyard gardening has never been more popular and each year new gardeners jump on board to revel in the joy and benefits of growing their own food. Research has shown that children who grow and pick their own food tend to eat it. That means they’ll eat more vegetables!

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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