Harry’s Hosts Green Wine Class with Zev Rovine

The rise in popularity of green, or sustainably made wine, has created new terminology -organic, organic grape, biodynamic, sustainable farming, natural/raw/minimal intervention/no addition – unique to wine grape growing (viticulture) and wine making (viniculture) practices. This class is aimed at clarifying each distinct method by taking you through the varietals, terroir and the rigorous process/guidelines each method follows in order to produce its categorized wine.

Wente Wine Tasting with Food Network’s Rob Bleifer at Harry’s Wine

If you’re not at the beach or pool Saturday, July 7, between 1 and 4 pm, stop in Harry’s Wine & Liquor in Fairfield for a special Food Network/Wente Vineyards tasting event. Executive Chef of the Food Network, Rob Bleifer, will be on hand during the tasting of Wente’s entwine label wines, a line produced in partnership with the Food Network. I admit to knowing nothing about Wente’s wine before William (aka The Palate) at Harry’s told me about the event a few weeks ago. Shame on me because they won American Winery of the Year and a Rising Start Award 2011 from Wine Enthusiast.

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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