How to Select, Store, Chill, Open, and Serve Champagne

The perfect glass of Champagne starts with selecting a boutique, single-vineyard Champagne from a sustainable, family-owned estate. Henri’s Reserve expertly curates Champagnes that reflect the terroir of France’s finest private vineyards, the artistry of the winemakers and the legacies of the families behind them. The uniqueness and outstanding quality of these “boutique” Champagnes -both grown and made on organic and biodynamic estates – have made them the darlings of sommeliers and the world’s toughest wine critics.

Green Food Gift Guide Day 5: Boutique Bubbly

Certain people are challenging to buy gifts for because they have everything they could every want already or have very discerning taste. I like to select something they would never buy for themselves, possibly because they don’t know it exists. A rare food or wine with a great back story, for example. The Champagnes of Henri’s Reserve fit the bill and these top-ranked, family-owned, estate grape only boutique bubblies are two of my favorites. Their outstanding quality, fine flavors, limited availability, biodynamic production, and French cachet would delight even the most impossible foodies.

Sustainable Champagne Sparkles At Heirloom Tasting Event in July

Nothing makes a celebration special like popping the cork on a bottle of champagne. Really, who doesn’t love bubbles? If you’re Ruth Frantz, founder of Henri’s Reserve boutique champagne company, you’d drink it with practically every meal.

“Champagne goes with everything!” she said. “[It] has been built up as a ‘beverage’ we only drink during the holidays and not as a wine with real terroir.”

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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