A Hand-Holding Consumer Guide to GMOs

Due to a healthy and growing anti-GMO movement, consumers are more aware than ever of just how prevalent GMOs are in our food supply. It remains a challenge, however, for consumers to avoid GMOs at retail because labeling initiatives continue to falter. I feel compelled to do a little hand-holding by giving consumers a holistic framework, along with some tools, for determining which products are GMO and which aren’t.

Free GMO Workshop at Fairfield Public Library

Confused by GMOs? Overwhelmed about how to best identify them in foods so you can avoid them? You’re not alone. Tara Cook-Littman and I have developed a GMO workshop to help you get a clear understanding of what GMOs are, how prevalent they are in our food supply, how to identify them on food labels (even though they’re unmarked!), the health risks associated with GMOs, and the CT law that would mandate the labeling of GM foods.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), The Stealth Food Ingredient

I am a registered dietitian and have spent countless hours teaching the workshop “How to Read a Food Label.” It is inconceivable that I never once included information on GMO ingredients in my lectures. There is a simple explanation for this-GMO ingredients are not listed on food labels. I did not become aware of the controversial issues surrounding GMOs until I purposefully became involved in the green food movement.

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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