Hershey’s Kisses GMOs Goodbye

Bowing to pressure from consumers, Hershey’s announced on Feb. 18 that it was making sweeping changes in its products lines to what it calls simple ingredients. Hershey’s kisses GMOs goodbye, along with artificial colors and flavors, as part of the commitment.

GMOs in Our Food Supply and How to Avoid Them

What are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)? Why are they considered risky and unsustainable? Since GM foods aren’t labeled, how are consumers supposed to avoid them when shopping and eating out?

Join Fairfield Green Food Guide founder Analiese Paik for a lively, informative, and interactive 1-hour session that answers all these questions and empowers guests to make Non-GMO food choices at home, at the grocery store, in restaurants, and at the farmers’ market.

Trader Joe’s Disallows GMOs in Private Label Products

Editor’s Note: A fellow Right to Know CT member contacted Trader Joe’s corporate headquarters and secured this email stating their stance on GMOs in their private label products and protocol for ensuring the veracity of their non-GMO claims.

Dear Ms. Smith(name changed to protect the sender),

Thank you for your email. Trader Joe’s does not allow the use f genetically modified ingredients for any of Trader Joe’s private label products. We ensure this standard for our brand through non-GMO certification. You can review our statement by clicking on the link

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