DIY Butter: The Easiest Thing You’ll Ever Do

When butter making comes to mind, most of us think of a 19th century butter churn à la Little House On The Prairie. What seems like a daunting task is, in fact, pretty simple. You can have fresh whipped butter at your fingertips. All you need is fresh cream, salt, a food processor, and about 15 minutes of spare time.

5 Reasons to Go Grass Fed

Almost all the meat you purchase in the grocery store and eat in restaurants and fast food outlets is from factory farms (ditto for school lunch). So is the dairy. Slow down just a minute to ponder the fact that the meat you eat and milk you drink is from animals kept confined, indoors, 24/7 on feedlots instead of being raised on pasture.

Organic in Name Only

I promised I’d never get snarky or tell people what to do on this website, but rules were made to be broken (yes, technically I’ve broken them before). So here it is – you have a choice in buying real organic food or food that’s organic in name only. What do I mean by “in name only”? The producer has no soul, no passion, no core value to produce sustainable food because it’s better for us and the planet. They produce organic food because it’s a smart business decision that’s going to help the company grow, which will make the stock price rise and enrichment them and their shareholders, not because it’s their religion. I wouldn’t care so much if it didn’t matter at the end of the day.

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