Harry’s Hosts Green Wine Class with Zev Rovine

The rise in popularity of green, or sustainably made wine, has created new terminology -organic, organic grape, biodynamic, sustainable farming, natural/raw/minimal intervention/no addition – unique to wine grape growing (viticulture) and wine making (viniculture) practices. This class is aimed at clarifying each distinct method by taking you through the varietals, terroir and the rigorous process/guidelines each method follows in order to produce its categorized wine.

Eco-Friendly Wines for the Holidays

I hate to break it to you, but Thanksgiving is this Thursday. I know, it snuck up on me too. (Didn’t we just have Halloween?) So for all those last-minute shoppers like me preparing for Turkey Day or thinking ahead to the jolly holidays, consider picking up a few organic, biodynamic, or sustainable wines.

But what do any of those terms really mean?

Fairfield Green Food Guide
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